Does Your Child Need a Reading Specialist? 6 Ways to Help Your Child at Home, and 5 Signs You Need Back-up!

Reading problems in young children are not unusual, but they shouldn’t be ignored. There are easy strategies that can help a parent and child get off to the right […]

3 Cheap, Fun, and Highly Beneficial Hobbies for Your Screen-Addicted Kid
If you’re like most parents, the battle to get your child to put down the phone and pick up anything else is never ending. Although there are some educational games and apps with truly beneficial properties out there, […]


Educational tips for engaging kids when the weather turns south

If rainy days typically turn outdoor playtime into an indoor television session, it’s time you educate yourself with the various ways to amuse your kids online — […]

Beat the Summer Slump: 3 Activities to Help Your Child Read This Coming School Year

Summer is a time of family bonding, celebration, and losing hard-won progress in school. But it doesn’t have to be! Establish summer-fun traditions and routines that help your new reader gain ground instead of losing it. Do […]

5 Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader: A Reading Specialist Speaks on Parental Involvement and Strategies for Success

Struggles with reading can cause frustration throughout a child’s school experience, and classroom teachers are often overworked and ill-equipped to help children who are falling below grade-level. As a parent, you are in a […]

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