Does your child struggle with math?  Is it often a daily challenge to complete math homework?  Our one-on-one tutoring can make all the difference in the world. We start with your child’s records and testing, which specify their strengths and weaknesses.  Then, our tutor devises a plan to address areas that need improvement.  Our plan always targets a specific grade level so your child won’t feel overwhelmed.  By using interactive exercises and a reward system, we can help your child make dramatic improvements in their math skills.  The result is increased confidence, improved test scores, and a realization that math can be fun.

Advantage Tutoring has been chosen as one of the best math tutors in the Tampa Bay area!  Click on the image to the left for more details.

Our Tutors:

1. Motivate and inspire your child so that math becomes less frustrating and more rewarding

2. Ensure that our math curriculum is consistent with state and Common Core standards

3. Develop lessons so that your child can learn at their own pace and level

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